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My name is Kayla Mayer. I'm a recently graduated illustrator in Portland. My current convention schedual includes Anime Revolution, Kumoricon, Geek Girl Con, Rose City CC, and Jet City CC. Feel free to email me: kmayer@pnca.edu
Anonymous asked:

whoa you're like super legit! i thought you would have so many more notes on your stuff ???? aah keep doing what you're doing because its awesome!!! xx

thanks! My stuff used to have more notes, haha. Tumblr recently deactivated my last account- so I’m rebuilding from the ground up!! Thank you for your support! :3

Tiny monsters on the window sill.

Lord and Lady of the Underworld- Half of a set of Demon Lord and Ladies done for an artbook by the Gorgonist. 
You can see my pieces in the centerfold on her etsy. This one is a Demon Lady. Buy the book to see the pair in all their horror and glory..
I redraw this concept every couple years so I can have a timeline in one image. The idea revolves around the cecropia caterpillar, and fairy friends. This time, the fairies are based on cecropia moths.
Rods and Pentacles
Detail work I did for a Planned Parenthood project.
Ideals- I observe that the way we think of our objects, and the reality of our objects to be vastly separate. I do not consider the fallibility inherent in everything I own. When I think of my things, I consider the power they give me- not what they take away.
Senior Thesis
Loss- Should I lose all I own, am I still entirely myself?
Memory- Can decay touch our most precious possessions? Or does our memory polish what we own?
Senior Thesis
Oil and Water
Senior Thesis- Part 2: Americans store things, promising themselves it will pay off in the future. Rarely do they see a return on their space investment. Hoarding is a magnified version of this phenomenon.
Overwhelmed- Is any one object precious in a mountain of objects?
Senior Thesis- Hoarders
Sunset Rendezvous- right time wrong place